Organika Foods is a family project that found its home at Luz en el Cielo. We contribute and are an active part of today’s expansion to a more harmonious lifestyle by delivering a complete experience in local, organic, sustainable food products emphasizing in Costa Rican traditional ingredients. We are proud to provide Luz en el Cielo with the finest, freshest, bio-organic ingredients served to all of our guests in the breakfast each morning.

Inside the hostel you will find a wide selection of delicious items from homemade chocolates, nut butters, gourmet granolas, cookies, superfoods, nuts, seeds, grains, salts, oils and flours to biodegradable chemical free personal care items and food souvenirs.

We believe in supporting small scale farming, indigenous cooperatives, and above all, small businesses. We sell the products they provide and help create a bridge between farmers and consumer to bring you these products that otherwise would be unobtainable.

Our belief is to support a more friendly economic exchange with benefits for everybody involved. With this we acknowledge all of the parties involved in the process by distributing the benefits evenly.

Luz en el Cielo contributes by investing in sustainable, traceable, small scale, local and organic products that are healthier for the human consumption and much tastier. We say yes to a new economic flow that is more fair and transparent!

Please refer to our website to find out more about ORGANIKA, or even better come and visit us in paradise here at Luz en el Cielo, your home in the jungle!


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